Recording of George DeVine interviewed by Norris Dryer

While unpacking boxes I’d moved from my office at the University of Pennsylvania following my retirement in February 2021, I came across a cassette tape marked Untitled DeVine. After thinking a minute, I realized this must be an off-the-air recording I made of an interview of University of Tennessee Professor George DeVine broadcast on WUOT-FM as part of music director Norris Dryer’s regular Monday evening program, “Untitled.” (For more background, see my personal history of Norris Dryer.) With the help of my former colleagues in the Otto E. Albrecht Music Library, Eric Krewson and Catherine Rutan, I was able to transfer the audio on the tape to a digital file, and I’ve uploaded it for those who knew either Mr. Devine or Norris Dryer to enjoy.

Interview of George F. DeVine by Norris Dryer on “Untitled,” broadcast on WUOT-FM in either 1977 or 1978. Recorded off the air by Richard Griscom.

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